Motor Home Repairs in Innisfail

Motor homes are supposed to be a source of enjoyment, not a source of frustration. The motor home mechanics at Mid-Alta Auto & Motor Home Repair work hard to make sure your motor home never lets you down. With our repair services, your motor home will be ready for any lengthy or last-minute adventure that comes its way.

Whether you’re looking to repair the windshield or the wheels of your mobile RV, you can count on us. We offer a full suite of repairs, and we offer them at an incredible rate.

Bring your motor home to our mechanic’s service center or contact us at (403) 343-3612 to schedule a consultation.

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Repairing Motor Homes to Perfection

Our certified and much-celebrated motor home mechanics have the experience—and the equipment—needed to address all your motor home issues. Whether your vehicle requires routine maintenance or much-needed repairs, we will surely rise to the occasion.

Motor Home Roof Repair

The rooftops of RVs and motor homes are certainly durable, but they’re not completely immune to dings and dents. Whether you need us to replace your rubber roof or repair your fiberglass roof, you can count on us.

Brake Services

Are the brakes on your motor home showing signs of distress? If so, we encourage you to bring your motor home to us. We conduct complete brake servicing. From rotor and drum resurfacing to brake pad replacement, we do it all.

Slide-Out Repair

Slide-outs are a costly addition to any RV or motor home. Despite their high cost, they’re not immune to issues. Thankfully, we are more than familiar with these motor home additions. If your slide-out has stopped working, contact us. We’ll service the motor, repair the frame, and do whatever else needs to be done.

Upholstery and Interior Repairs

Is the paneling inside your motor home beginning to show signs of wear and tear? Let our team conduct a floor-to-ceiling overhaul.

Would you like to learn more about our repair services? Call our service center today.

Servicing All Motor Home Brands

Has your family been driving your Coachman motor home across the country every summer? Did you recently purchase a Winnebago motor home or a K-Z RV? As one might have guessed, we’re more than capable of servicing all these brands of RVS, motor homes, and more. We’ve devoted countless hours to familiarizing ourselves with the latest innovations and time-held traditions, ensuring you get nothing but the greatest service possible.

Get Your Brand Name Parts Here

When your bumper falls off after years of wear and tear, you can always come to us for a replacement and an installation. Not only are we familiar with countless makes and models, but we also have access to the manufacturer-grade replacement parts needed to refurbish your motor home. Rest assured, our mechanics will restore your RV to its former glory.

Contact Our Motor Home Mechanics Today

A well-working motor home has the potential to turn any weekend into a wonderful adventure. Make sure the local motor home mechanics at our shop have serviced your motor home or RV trailer before you get on the road again.

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